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Hello and thanks for your work! Could you please link a hi-res logo of the game so that I could make nice assets for steamgriddb with it? Thanks!

Hi! Do you have the Terms of Service etc. for your Corrosion game?



What do you mean?

Can I ask what you did to change the aspect ratio? Did you have to re-render each screen?



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No. Luckily for me I had rendered all (well, 99%) of the scenes at 1600x1200. The original version of the game was 1024x768. So, I reduced the original renders to 1280x960, and then cut off the top and bottom to make it 1280x720. But, also luckily for me, the original game was presented in a letterbox format, and so the original viewport was actually 1024x640, so I didn't lose much off the top and bottom by cutting them off. I hope all that makes sense. :P :)

Hey, I just got around to playing this and I really enjoyed it!

I discovered a pretty bad bug near the beginning though which prevents you from being able to save the game. I managed to replicate the bug a couple of times and it's pretty easy to avoid once you know what you're looking for.

If you go into the control room before getting the backup power online and click on the second computer (the security cam one) you don't get a close up but you can't open the menu any more. It's possible to walk around the place and not be able to open the menu at all. Thankfully, clicking that computer at that point in the game isn't at all necessary so it's easy to avoid once you've pinned down the cause. I'd guess that the game is disabling the menu because it's acting as if you've gone into a closeup on the computer when you haven't.

POTENTIAL SPOILERS for anyone else reading this, obviously not an issue for the dev ;)

Once I got past that bug, the story and puzzles were great. The only annoying bits were the ones where a door had unlocked itself with no indication. The ones that held me up for a while were Cell 7 and the Kitchen Storage Room since they were both in places that I had explored thoroughly and which didn't have any 'unused' hotspots. The magically appearing blood nearly got me too, but I happened to wander that way again before being stuck too long so it didn't feel frustrating.

Having already played the Death of Erin Myers, I'm looking forward to whatever else you release in future.